I teach classes and workshops regularly on how to find work, and am surprised when I see how many people do not use the tools at their disposal. Maybe they have found the tools, but haven’t figured out how to use them fully. Washington residents have a highly effective tool in the www.Go2WorkSource.com website: a job site where you can find jobs, and where employers can find you!

This is a one-stop site that will direct you to other job sites such as local newspaper classified ads, job boards and government jobs; how to find targeted employers in the geographical area you want to work, and links to other career information including current labor market information for your local area. Do you want to retrain in a new field? Check out the training program opportunities including where to go for funding.

All resources available through the Go2WorkSource.com website are free; most of the services do not require you to sign up online. One very helpful service however does: the job scout. Once you have registered a profile on the site, you can create a scout that will do the job searching for you. You can also post a resume online that employers can look at as well—and as a business services team member, I can assure you that they do!

Have you been laid off from a position that is no longer in demand and you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up? Start at Go2WorkSource’s Skill Center. Links provided here can take you through skills and interest assessments, and give you an idea of what occupations match your skills and interests. Other links show you which of those occupations are in high demand, how much those occupations generally pay and how much training and/or experience is needed.

Special services and information is also available for those who have lost their job due to foreign trade, youth, offenders, workers with disabilities and veterans.

Interested in finding out more? Contact your local WorkSource office. Each office in the state provides a calendar of events including workshops and classes that will help you in your job search.

- Kim Myers, Worksource

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