Find a Job

Do more than just browse the classifieds! The best ways to find a job include searching online and networking in your community.                                                

Search Online

    A “search engine” for jobs, and a great place to start your search. Check the site often for new postings, and use Indeed’s Advanced Search to filter out listings from employment agencies.
  • Pierce College Job Connections Database
    A database of job and internship opportunities in the region that have been vetted by Pierce College and other regional community colleges’ work force program staff. Registered users are able to apply for jobs online, manage multiple resumes and other documents, and access a calendar of regional job fairs.
  • Worksource Washington
    Best local and regional source for job search links including seasonal and temporary jobs.
  • Workplace911
    Created for “People who want to WORK smarter, create a CAREER and BOSS better.”

Network and Volunteer

Networking and social networking are effective ways to find and get a job. The more people you meet, the more opportunities open up. What is social networking?

    Source for local and global volunteer openings, to locate existing volunteer opportunities or create your own!