Money Smart Week

Money Smart Week


I recently read that 21 percent of Americans believe the lottery is a practical way to build wealth. Realizing that you are probably 3 times more likely to die driving to the store to buy the ticket than actually winning, a backup plan is needed. And even if you are not in that 21 percent, most of us could use a little more financial literacy in our skill set. That is the purpose of Money Smart Week, a program sponsored by the Chicago Federal Reserve April 20th-27, designed to help consumers better manage their financial future.  The Pierce County Library is a strong believer in financial literacy, creating this Job & Business center website, as well as physical centers across the system. We also subscribe to many online resources to help individuals build non-lottery income, one of which is Morningstar (hyperlink), a great resource for analyzing stock and mutual fund information, and also for investment education. In conjunction with Money Smart Week, Morningstar is offering two programs to help investors:

The first event will be Wednesday, April 24th at 5:30pm Central. Morningstar’s Christine Benz and Adam Zoll will discuss how to prepare your finances for life events ranging from college planning to saving for retirement. Watch the live stream video or the recording. To view this event, simply log into Morningstar with your library card and pin number here (link), and then go to their Smart Money Week website:

The second event is a special Money Smart Week training for Morningstar Investment Research Center users. Login to the webinar and call in to our teleconference on Friday, April 26th at 12pm Central. They will focus on navigating the database, using the screening and portfolio analysis tools, and finding helpful information. Here is the link and information to view this session:

Call in to listen: 866-844-9418

Access Code: 736 330 5258

Password: mirc

If you have any questions about these events or anything else, please contact your local library branch, or Email us at

-Adam Jackman, Librarian, Gig Harbor Library

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